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Water Safety Season

Joani Maskell
Owner, Swimming Safari Swim School
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Swimming Safari is celebrating Water Safety Season
Water Safety Season will be observed from May to August 2013
Jacksonville, FL.- Swimming Safari Swim School announces that Water Safety Season will be observed in all Jacksonville locations throughout Summer 2013.

According to the CDC, from 2005-2009 there were an average of 3,880 fatal unintentional drownings annually in the United States. This statistic becomes even more astonishing as Florida residents. Florida is a national leader in drowning deaths each year. Taking part in formal swimming lessons is proven to reduce the risk of drowning significantly. As a leader in swim instruction in Northeast Florida it is important for Swimming Safari to use every opportunity available to educate their community on water safety skills.

In response to warmer weather, and the natural inclination to spend more time around water, Swimming Safari Swim School will be observing Water Safety Season throughout May to August. Swimming Safari will be opening all locations throughout Jacksonville in an effort to make lessons with a water safety professional accessible to all families. Each lesson will include games that teach specific water skills and techniques for emergency situations.

About Swimming Safari Swim School
Swimming Safari has become a company known for swim instruction excellence through their comprehensive curriculum that places a strong emphasis on water safety education for students and parents. Their lessons provide an atmosphere filled with encouragement, excitement, and fun. Their expert swim instruction professionals are dedicated to waterproofing their community one song and kick at a time. Because after all, swim lessons should be about learning to enjoy the water, and having respect for the water.

“At Swimming Safari our mission is to provide every student with the skills needed to become Safe, Happy, and Confident, in the water. Our goal is to create safe life-long swimmers who enjoy and respect the water as much as we do!”- Joani Maskell, Owner

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