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The Benefits of Playing Sports with Family Members

One of the most prevalent concerns from family members—mainly parents, but also children—is that they don't spend enough quality time together. To be sure, this very valid concern is one that's both pressing and relatively complex. Between working around everyone's schedule and finding something to do that everyone's interested in, spending this quality time together can be difficult, for family members.

But difficult doesn't mean impossible, and as it happens, the solution to the dilemma is simple and concise: sports. Playing sports together is the very best way for family members to spend time with one another, and furthermore, the benefits of playing sports—generally and compared to other ways of socializing—are remarkable.

Let's take a look at the benefits of playing sports with family members!

Extra Exercise

For family members (as well as everyone else who wants to join in!), outdoor sports provide incredibly useful exercise that burns calories and improves one's physical condition. The best part is that this extra exercise results from fun and excitement—not painstakingly counting steps.

Nobody can say they're too healthy, and as such, the physical byproducts of family members playing sports together are tremendous.

Fun for the Whole Family

While certain family members may, depending on their age, prefer to partake in specific activities more or less than other family members, sports are universally thrilling: everyone can participate, everyone will have fun, and everyone can be involved. Age limitations, height requirements, and other concerns simply aren't part of the equation.

Sports truly do offer fun for the whole family—this point is made even clearer when the next benefit of playing sports is considered.

Plenty of Choices

When a family decides to spend time together by, say, heading to a local swimming pool or amusement park, the fun stops when they're sick of swimming or riding rollercoasters, respectively. With sports, though, family members have plenty of variable choices that allow the activity to constantly remain fresh, exciting, and engaging.

For example, a kickball game can be swapped for a soccer match when the former gets old. Softball can be turned into a game of catch when players grow tired, and when families are feeling especially excited, a light-hearted game of dodgeball may do the trick. The possibilities truly are endless.

The point is that sports offer families plenty of choices, and therefore, nobody will ever become bored or uninterested.

Nearly Free Cost

There's nothing wrong with spending money on family entertainment. But sports, to their credit, offer a nearly free (excluding the cost of equipment) entertainment alternative that virtually everyone can experience. On the contrary, many other forms of entertainment are rather expensive! For example, taking a family of four to a 3D movie in theaters can, with snacks and tickets considered, easily cost more than $100!

Movies are well and good, but sports are an impressive way for families to have fun on a budget.

Fun on a Schedule

Many of the aforementioned non-sports activities, as well as most others, share one key similarity: they take quite a bit of time to complete. Even though a movie, for instance, is usually an hour and a half long, by the time a family prepares to leave (15 minutes), drives to the theater (20 minutes), purchases tickets and snacks (10 minutes), waits for the previews (10 minutes), and drives home (another 20 minutes), the entire process has taken close to three hours!

Sports, inversely, can be decided upon and enjoyed in seconds; walk outside, grab a ball, and let the fun begin! Additionally, family members can play sports games for however long fits their schedules. This means that if one member has to leave in 20 minutes, he or she can still experience some quality time outside with loved ones, even in that small window.

As is probably now clear, the benefits of family members playing sports together are incredible. For a low cost, working around any schedule, including every family member, and while getting extra exercise, families can spend valuable time together with sports. It's hard to dispute the importance and impressiveness of these points.

Don't delay—make the most of the weather and have fun with family members by heading outside to play some sports today!
Jessica Kane is a writer for SteelLocker Sports, a leading retailer of brand name baseball equipment at great discount prices.

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