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How Music Can Influence Children

There's a reason why so many kid shows are jam-packed with singing and dancing. Songs and melodies are an incredible aid in the development of young minds. Put into use correctly, the right music can accomplish so much!

Music Is A Wonderful Teaching Tool
Starting at the youngest age possible, we can begin to teach the basics of education through songs and gestures. Children learn their body parts through "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", the alphabet through "The ABCs" and even some slightly morbid history through "Ring Around The Rosy". Learning doesn't stop with nursery rhymes though. As children get older, they learn the state capitols through song and so much more.
Songs are catchy, and lyrics stick in our mind easier than boring memorization and repetition. Anything can be put to music! Difficult equations, historical events, the periodic table. The ideas are limitless, and the end result is magnificent. Learning can be productive AND fun.

Songs Can Influence Children To Complete Daunting Tasks
So, there is an age where children become independent but hate doing those things we must do everyday. Brushing teeth, getting dressed and cleaning up their messes are just a small selection of the things children hate to do the most. These things need to be done, however, and kids need to learn to do them on their own daily. Luckily, there are songs for every one of these tasks and more.
Also, it doesn't take much to get a song stuck in your little one's head. This doesn't mean that they are all of a sudden going to enjoy the task at hand, but they will have something to keep them motivated, captivated and focused on what they are doing.

Kids Get Moving With Music
We live in an era of less outside time and more childhood obesity. After a while, we all learn that simply barking orders to go play or demanding a rigorous exercise regiment either end up in misery or don't work at all. But what fun it is to turn up some bouncy music and just dance, dance, dance! It's hardly recognizable as a workout at all. (Until it's break time, of course.) Offer your child water when they rest, and then get back into the groove!
Dancing works every part of your body and, more importantly, your heart. Cardiovascular exercise will get blood pumping and little bodies moving. Once they get used to shaking their tail feather when they hear a catchy song, you won't be able to slow them down.

Naughty Songs Fill Little Heads With Naughty Thoughts
There is a downside to kids and music. That downside is using it inappropriately. I am, by no means, in a place to judge the options any parent implements for their children, but there are a few things we can all probably agree on. Listening to explicit music will distort a child's view of what's right, acceptable, desired and expected of them. Music is a powerful tool, and when it's used correctly, it does wonderful things. But if it is used negatively, you may not end up with the results you were hoping to achieve.

There's no need to hunt down the perfect song for every situation. We are all perfectly capable of coming up with a catchy tune and putting lyrics to it. Even the least musically inclined person can just simply sing what they are doing. After some time of putting it to use, you'll be an expert at using music throughout the day. You may even find that positive things are happening to you too!

Jessica Kane is a writer for SoundStage Direct, the number online source for the best vinyl records and turntables.

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