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Nader’s Pest Raiders Shares Their Top Five Most Lovable Bugs

Jacksonville -- Every February as Valentine’s Day draws near, romance fills the air and we are reminded to show our love and appreciation for those we hold dear. Nader’s Pest Raiders, a local pest and termite control company wants you to save some of that love for a few special insects that are cute, romantic and are even quite beneficial!

“While our primary focus is protecting our customers from the very real threats that pests pose to both health and property,” said Charlie Jones, Nader’s Pest Expert, “it is important to remember that there are many beneficial insects that improve our quality of life as well.”

1. Ladybugs: A perennial favorite, Ladybugs again top the list. Not only are these insects adorable and thought to bring good luck, they provide a sustainable solution to keeping real pests out of your garden since they feed on aphids which are known to harm pests.
2. Fireflies: Fireflies are the ultimate love bug, using their soft glow like candlelight to attract new mates and what could be more romantic than collecting them on a warm summer night. Fireflies are usually found in humid climates, especially near ponds, streams and marshes.
3. Dragonflies: This beautiful four-winged flyer deserves a lot of love, especially if you don’t like mosquitoes! Dragonflies have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth and they feed on mosquitoes helping to control the local population. Mother Nature definitely got this one right!
4. Crickets: Crickets might well be the most romantic insect on our list. Only male crickets chirp and in their quest to the perfect mate, they produce an orchestra of romantic ballads to woo female crickets and repel other males. Additionally, after a successful mating, they will chirp a song of celebration.
5. Honeybees: There are many reasons to love this beneficial bug. Honeybees are social in nature and produce a yummy sweet treat we all enjoy! Additionally, they pollinate beautiful flowers, many that are given at Valentine’s Day and more than 100 different crops across the United States, including apples, squash, soybeans and nuts.

Nader’s protects homes from pests with the STEPS® Total Protection System™, an industry-leading approach that utilizes Integrated Pest Management. STEPS includes a full home and property evaluation to pinpoint pest control issues; identification of not only the pest, but the true cause of the problem; and treatment in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current issues and to help prevent future recurrences. Consumers interested in protecting their homes from pests may obtain additional information at http://www.naderspestraiders.com. Additionally, consumers can contact Nader’s for a free whole home evaluation at 855-696-2337.

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The Pros and Cons of Having Your Children Participate in Organized Sports

The Pros and Cons of Having Your Children Participate in Organized Sports

Today the question of whether or not to permit children to participate in organized sports troubles many parents. Like so many dilemmas in life, this issue offers both cons and pros.


First, it may prove useful to examine the negative aspects of organized sporting events. Public opinion largely favors encouraging participation in athletics. Yet some parents do harbor legitimate reservations about structured physical activities:

Potential Physical Dangers

Every sport potentially involves engaging in some physically hazardous activities. Whether the risk concerns slipping on an ice rink during skating practice, falling off a gymnastic beam or enduring damaging collisions on the football field, every year participants in organized sporting events suffer painful (and sometimes life threatening) mishaps.

Predatory Personnel

Any activity involving children potentially involves risks posed by child sex predators. Some sex offenders enter occupations (such as teaching) in which they will obtain frequent close physical contact with young people. Organized sports involving teams traveling to a variety of locations as a group may lead to dangerous situations for youngsters in the absence of close, responsible parental supervision. Sadly, recent headlines from sports ranging from soccer to gymnastics testify to the ongoing nature of this problem in modern society.

Extensive Time Commitment

Yet another potential negative of allowing a child to engage in organized sports may involve time taken away from other, important family, religious or scholastic activities. Young athletes often expend hours developing the skills required to excel in various sports. They may neglect other important activities.


Counterbalancing these negatives, participation in youth sporting events also offers many positives. Experts can point to these benefits:

Health Benefits

By regularly engaging in sports, young people can enjoy many physical benefits. These advantages may include the development of improved strength and coordination, weight loss and better endurance. Although different athletic activities sometimes emphasize the development of specific muscle groups or skills, the overall benefits of cultivating a physically active lifestyle may endure throughout a lifetime.

Social Cooperation Skills

Group sports require the development of team spirit and cooperation. By participating in a group effort, young people may learn to cooperate and make sacrifices on behalf of a shared goal. This process may enhance a child's social skills significantly.

Self-Esteem Benefits

Many youngsters obtain improved self-esteem through their participation in team sports. Since coaches usually emphasize group cooperation, a child may gain an enhanced sense of acceptance and inclusion by becoming a member of a team. Sporting events offer participants the chance to obtain public acknowledgement and approval, and this acclaim may translate into enhanced self-confidence and poise later in life.

An Individual Decision

Children possess unique abilities and needs. Parents may resolve the issue of whether or not to allow a youngster to participate in organized sports on an individual basis. The child's health, the sport and the youth program may all prove important.

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Check out Deb’s Beach Art!!  It’s beautiful!!

Check out Deb’s Beach Art!!  It’s beautiful!!

Deb's Beach Art - jacksonville beach art for sale,/a>

Jacksonville Beach ocean sunrises, The Florida Keys, Marathon and NE FL lakes, rivers and natural Florida beauty!
A mixed selection of ocean sunrise and natural beauty in the Jacksonville Beaches area, and throughout Florida..Lake Lochloosa, Hawthorne, the Florida Keys...and a little NY mixed in here and there!

Living at the beach offers ample opportunities to capture God's amazing creations and colors as the days break; the ever changing colors just before sunrise; spectacular!.
Southern natural beauty; the mossy, cypress trees; we used to fish and camp at Lake Lochloosa when we were children; and the beauty that was there then is still in tact.. Graceful, elegant, peaceful gorgeous southern living.
The Florida Keys are magnificient! The colors, the fish and wildlife, one island right after another; fresh lobster, fresh fish; just incredible natural beauty!

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How to Raise Responsible Kids

My guess is that if we did a poll of every parent we know and asked them what they most want for their kids, what we would find at the core is that we all want to raise responsible kids.

We may each have a different definition of what responsible means, but after working with many families to plan for the children’s future, I can say with confidence that raising a responsible child is a hallmark of success for most parents.

Once your child becomes seen and known as responsible, your level of freedom and ease increases substantially.

In service to that, I will be sharing with you a series of articles on How to Raise Responsible Kids, starting with this one.

The first step in raising responsible kids, means truly understanding the meaning of the word “responsible”, so we’ll start there.

The classic dictionary definition of responsible is not what I am speaking of here, though many parents do get that confused. So let’s untangle any confusion there.

One dictionary definition of responsible is:

“having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one's job or role.”

Many parents have confused the kind of responsible that provides real peace and true security, which I’ll speak to in a moment, with this kind of responsible, which is more of obligation or duty than responsible.

Responsibility based in obligation or duty, especially for the up and coming generations, is no longer a sustainable paradigm. The Millennials and Gen-Y’ers I know are rarely motivated obligation or duty for any length of time, often preferring to go without rather than to take action from anything other than inspiration.

The Boomer (and even Gen-X) generations are slowly waking up to the possibility of responsibility based in inspiration rather than obligation, but for many it’s still a foreign concept. If it is for you, perhaps consider a shift in perspective that will make it far more likely your children will be the responsible members of society you hope they will be.

Responsibility does not mean that your children are able to live up to their obligations, hold down a job in the same way you did, or even re-create the lifestyle you’ve been able to provide for them (though all those things would, of course, be great), it means that your children are “able to be trusted to do what is right.”

Over the rest of this series, I’ll look at several different examples of what this means in various contexts, including money, relationships, and work so you can begin to bring more awareness to what it means and how you can have the true peace of mind and security that comes with raising responsible kids.

If you have any specific questions, please email them to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and I’ll answer them in a future article.

This article is a service of Debra Harrington, mom of two and Personal Family Lawyer® & founder of Harrington Law, PA. We are a family-focused law practice with a mission of protecting your children if anything ever happens to you and guiding your family to grow its family wealth from one generation to the next. Call to schedule your Life & Legacy Planning Session™ today. Mention the “Raising Responsible Kids” series, and we’ll waive the $750 Life & Legacy Planning Session™ fee. 904-654-8001 http://www.myfamilybizadvisor.com

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and the Valentine’s Day WINNERS are…

and the Valentine’s Day WINNERS are…

CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners...

Jessica Williams - Couples Massage at Massage Green on Racetrack Road
Stacie WIlkinson - Couples Massage at Massage Green on Hodges Blvd
Dirlie Caputo - Couples Massage at Massage Green on San Jose Blvd.
Chris Howard - 4 Tickets to Disney LIVE!
Scott Boever - 4 Tickets to Medieval Times in Kissimmee, Fl

We will have your packages mailed out to you this upcoming week.

Thank you to everyone who participated!
Don't forget to check out our website and Facebook page for everything family and kid related!!

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